How to Redeem the Time and Get the Most Out of Life

TimeAre we making the most of the time we have? Time is short and the older we get the more we appreciate the one thing we cannot get back: Our time.

We are either spending our time wisely or we are wasting it. Each of us wants to know that at the end of our life, we made the most of it…made a difference.

Here are a few ideas to help us make the most of the days we have been allotted. Read more

The Value of Vision

VisionHave you ever wondered what the next step is for your business, or your personal journey?

Have you ever observed the passion with which some people execute their work?

The reason could quite possibly be that they have a clear vision for who they are and where they are headed.

If you have not constructed a vision for your business or for yourself personally, here are some good reasons to get clear about it. Read more

Five Ways to Grow Your Business without Adding Resources

grow your businessAs a business leader, you know and understand the value of doing more with less: Focusing on productivity and efficiency, while keeping costs down and profits up.

In a recent post, Gregory Kennedy, vice president of marketing at Tapsense and Entrepreneur contributor, provides five tips to help you grow your businesses without piling on additional resources. Read more

HR Leaders: What You Shouldn’t Do in 2014

HR LeadersMost business and leadership advice focuses on the things you should do, rather than the things you shouldn’t.

In a recent post on, contributor Andrew Warren Smith suggests HR leaders start practicing the idea of limiting choices, and reinvesting recaptured time and energy into other priorities.

To begin narrowing down areas of focus for 2014, he offers the following list:

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Hiring Based on Experience Could Damage Your Business

hiringFor years, businesses have always been advised to hire based on proven track records of success. New research suggests that this approach can be potentially damaging to the success of your business.

In a recent post on Open Forum, business and workplace author Alexandra Levit examined research from Monika Hamori of the IE Business School in Spain, and Burack Koyuncu of the NEOMA Business School in France (as recently reported in Forbes).

She notes job-specific experiences may actually slow down learning because “some knowledge and techniques need to be unlearned before learning in the new context can take place.”

Companies seeking top performers shouldn’t necessarily look for those with extensive job experience in the same role they are trying to fill. Instead, try these four alternatives when hiring a top candidate.

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