Goals: The Fewer The Better

goalsHave you ever felt like you had more goals on your list than you had time to accomplish?

I know I have and it took me awhile to realize that I have limited time compared to what I want to achieve.

Therefore, to make more progress more quickly I needed to have fewer goals not more goals.

Here are four reasons why fewer goals are better than more goals: Read more

Rhythm Gets Results

rhythmHave you ever thought about why you are so productive at times and not as productive at other times?

One of the reasons I have discovered over time when I am less productive is that on my most productive days I am working in a rhythm and the opposite is true on my most unproductive days.

By rhythm I mean a structure that allows you to move from one actionable item to the next and finish them almost effortlessly.

Here are a few ideas to implement to gain more rhythm in your work: Read more

The Value of Saying No

NoDo we ever have trouble saying “no”? I know that I have in the past and the older I get the more I realize how important it is for me to say no to certain requests.

Our time is limited and if we are to accomplish what we were meant to do on this earth then there are times that we must say no.

All of us have more requests coming at us daily than we can do. Is your to do list finished?

If it is then you do not need to say no, but if it is not then here are some reasons to say no more often to requests from others: Read more

Five Ways to Align Your Team for Better Results

alignIs your team aligned on a goal?

When a team is aligned on a goal there is almost no stopping them if they work together.

Alignment can be challenging to create and maintain but there are some ways to generate and keep team alignment.

Here are five ways to keep a team aligned: Read more

How to Debrief to Learn and Make Progress

debriefDo you take the time to debrief regularly? If we do then we can not only learn from situations in our lives but we can make more progress toward our goals.

To debrief means to take the time to think about a situation and ask yourself what happened, what went well, and what could have been done better.

Debriefing is important in business as well as in our personal lives. It helps us become the best we can be, not only for ourselves but for those around us – whether family, friends, co-workers or customers.

People that achieve their goals reach them in part because they take the time to thoughtfully consider and reflect on important situations. Here is a process that can be used to debrief from any situation.

These steps can be used to debrief from an interaction with another person, a meeting with a group of people, determine how a process worked, such as a planning process to reach your goals, or any number of other situations. Read more

Six Steps to Delegate Effectively

delegateIn yesterday’s post, we discussed why delegation is important.

Today, we will discuss six steps to delegate effectively. It is important that we establish an effective delegation process we can use to assign work to others, and be assured it will be done on time with the results we expect.

When we have a proven process, delegation is easier, the person receiving the delegated work appreciates it, and we get the results we desire.
Here are six steps to an effective delegation process: Read more