Overcoming Fear

fearsDo you have the desire to face down your fears? Overcoming fear takes will, courage, and the right attitude. Here are a few ideas on overcoming our fears of anything.

Relaxed Focus

To overcome fear we need to be relaxed. Fear tenses us up as it fills us with negative thoughts. We need to first close our eyes and think about an enjoyable moment or place to help put us in a state of relaxation. Read more

Leaders: When Being Nice Isn’t Nice at All

LeadersLong gone are the days of the cold blooded business executive sitting behind his expansive mahogany desk, twirling his moustache as he dreams up new ways to torture and terrify his underlings.

Ok, that might be the Hollywood version of the mean CEO, but business today has definitely changed.

Most leaders are encouraged to be human – to engage with staffers at every level, walk through their corporate offices mingling, even participate in staff parties or other events.

That type of ‘level playing field’ atmosphere certainly makes for a pleasurable work environment, and probably places your organization on the list of “top spots to work”.

Can Leaders be Too Nice?

But can you be too human? Too nice? And could you be setting yourself up for trouble by playing the jocular nice guy with your teams? Read more

Do You Procrastinate? Stop Wasting Time with These Tips

procrastinateDo you procrastinate? I’m sure most if us have our moments, where we set off to tick everything off of our to do list, then find ourselves staring out the window into the sunshine.

Procrastinate is defined as “to put off or defer (an action) until a later time; delay; to postpone until tomorrow”.

There are many reasons for procrastination. I know a person who procrastinates because she simply can not work efficiently unless under extreme deadlines. So, if there is a week to do a project, she would rather procrastinate until the two day mark, and then get the project done in a frenzy. Effective? Who knows. It seems to work for her. Read more

Achieve More With S.M.A.R.T. Goals

GoalsAre you reaching the goals you are setting for your company, yourself or others?

If not, or if you want to improve on your current method you may want to work on a process to create SMART goals.

SMART is an acronym, which stands for: Specific – Measureable – Achievable – Results-focused – Time-bound

Creating the right goals is crucial to reaching the target whether professionally or personally.

Here is a process to help you set SMART goals. Read more

Get More Focused and Productive with a Weekly Review Process

productiveDo you want to get more focused and productive? Do you want to accomplish more of what really matters to you in your life? We can stay more focused and accomplish more of what matters with a weekly review process.

Here is a process that can be followed or adapted. I have adapted my process from David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, as well as from Michael Hyatt. Read more

Stay on Track – Intentionally

stay on trackDo you ever find it a challenge to stay on track in your life or your business? At some point, most of us get off track, and it is easy for this to happen as we have many responsibilities to balance and execute.

Here are a few ideas and a process to help us stay on track and focused in those areas of life we consider most important. Read more