Ethics: Seven Signs You’re Not as Ethical as You Think

ethicsBusiness leaders often pride themselves on their ethics, but it’s common for people to evaluate their own ethical standards a bit more leniently compared to others.

In a recent post, Mandy Zetlin interviews Mark Pastin, CEO of the Council of Ethical Organizations, for his insights on ethics in business.

Pastin notes that most people are too forgiving when considering their own ethics. “It’s one of the home fields for self-deception.” This can be particularly problematic for small business owners, who are often judged by the value of their character to a greater amount than larger organizations.

To help leaders evaluate their commitment to business ethics, Pastin poses seven questions. Read more

Selling: Nine Things You Need to Know

selling Walk down the aisles of your local bookstore and you’ll be met with countless titles about selling: Sales technique, philosophy, more effective cold calling — the list goes on and on.

In a recent post for Entrepreneur, contributor Steve Tobak distills all his experience as a sales engineer into nine things all business leaders and sales professionals need to know when it comes to effective selling. Read more

Brainstorming: Seven Steps to Put Ideas into Action

brainstormingIdea generation and brainstorming are the first steps towards innovation, but execution and implementation are also important parts of the process.

It’s an area where many organizations struggle — moving from the creative brainstorm into prototyping or building actual systems.

In an article first published in the MITSloan Management Review and summarized in a recent post, innovation consultants Joseph V. Sinfield, Tim Gustafson, and Brian Hindo argue that “while brainstorming sessions are frequently fun for participants, the output is too often considered impractical just days after the exercise.”

As a way to combat ineffective brainstorming, they offer a seven-step game plan to improve brainstorming, and help put those ideas into meaningful action. Read more

Four Things Highly Persuasive People Do

persuasive peopleAs a business leader, mastering the art of persuasion is a valuable skill. Whether in the boardroom, a sales presentation, or a company-wide staff meeting, winning over an audience is a feeling of accomplishment.

In a recent post, Sims Wyeth, author of The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking, identifies four principles employed by persuasive people to win over their audiences. Read more

Five Ways to Grow Your Business without Adding Resources

grow your businessAs a business leader, you know and understand the value of doing more with less: Focusing on productivity and efficiency, while keeping costs down and profits up.

In a recent post, Gregory Kennedy, vice president of marketing at Tapsense and Entrepreneur contributor, provides five tips to help you grow your businesses without piling on additional resources. Read more

Innovation: Three Secrets Everyone Misses

innovationInnovation is a hot topic among business leaders. There are dozens of companies advising on innovation and countless books on ways to innovate.

If you’re serious about innovating your company to prepare for future opportunities and growth, you’ve probably had discussions with your executive leadership about change management and visioning.

In a recent post, Lauren Leader-Chivée, founding partner at Hewlett Chivée LLC, discusses three drivers of innovation many businesses overlook. Read more