Four Reasons Leaders Hold Themselves Accountable

leadersIs accountability ever an issue with you or your organization?

It usually is in most companies and at one time or another for most of us.

One action that drives most people crazy is when a leader is unwilling to be accountable for their actions and decisions. However, when leaders hold themselves accountable and accept responsibility for a situation they make a significant impact on those around them.

Here are four reasons to hold yourself accountable: Read more

Create Value with Content Creation

ContentHave you ever thought about the impact good content has on others’ perception of you and your business?

All we have to do is look at the people whom we regularly read or watch videos or listen to podcasts and we have examples of the value of good content.

If we can create good content for our customers to absorb and gain value from, we are helping them with their lives as well as developing their sense that our company adds value to them.

Although there is more and more content generated each day, customers need content that is relevant and that they can use. Very few companies in each industry create content that serves its customers or its customers’ customers. So, this is a great opportunity to add value for your customers.

Here are some ideas for creating content that adds value for your customers: Read more

Five Benefits of the Value of Rest

restDo you ever feel like you just need some time off to rest?

We were designed to have rest in order to reach our full potential. We rest about 1/3 of every day via sleep.

God called for us to work 6 days and rest on the seventh day. So, we are to rest one day/week.

For many of us who are driven, we can see rest as a waste of time.

However, rest was intended to benefit us in ways we may not have recognized.

In the past, I worked seven days/week. I constantly worked whether it was actual work or reading business journals and books while on vacation. I rarely turned my mind off from work.

This lifestyle came to a halt about 20 years ago when my wife, Joy, called this vicious cycle to my attention and let me know that I was robbing my family of their time.

Whoa…that was a moment I will not forget!

To help us shift from being on all the time to being off at least one day/week, here are some benefits we receive from rest: Read more

Five Ways to Overcome Fear

fearFear does not stop death…it stops life

Are you ever paralyzed by fear? I know I have been fearful enough over a goal, a relationship or a situation to stop in my tracks and do nothing.

If we can learn to deal with fear and overcome it, then we can make progress on our goals and create deeper relationships with people.

Here are a few thoughts about fear that can help us move forward instead of standing still: Read more

Rhythm Gets Results

rhythmHave you ever thought about why you are so productive at times and not as productive at other times?

One of the reasons I have discovered over time when I am less productive is that on my most productive days I am working in a rhythm and the opposite is true on my most unproductive days.

By rhythm I mean a structure that allows you to move from one actionable item to the next and finish them almost effortlessly.

Here are a few ideas to implement to gain more rhythm in your work: Read more

The Value of Saying No

NoDo we ever have trouble saying “no”? I know that I have in the past and the older I get the more I realize how important it is for me to say no to certain requests.

Our time is limited and if we are to accomplish what we were meant to do on this earth then there are times that we must say no.

All of us have more requests coming at us daily than we can do. Is your to do list finished?

If it is then you do not need to say no, but if it is not then here are some reasons to say no more often to requests from others: Read more