Why You Should Blog: Reasons for Print Industry Leaders

 Print Industry Leaders: Why You Should BlogHave you ever thought about why you should blog—or perhaps, why you should not?

The act of blogging must be much bigger than simply writing a blog. It must be part of a mission you are passionate about. Without that mission, blogging becomes drudgery.

If you have your eye on a goal and a blog is part of executing that goal, then it won’t just be about cranking out a blog. But the thought must be about working toward your mission.

In the same vein, blogging cannot be about just making money. That’s like saying the goal of a business is to make money. In my opinion, the goal of a business is to serve others. Without money a business cannot survive, but making money is not its ultimate goal or its purpose for being.

Similarly, we wouldn’t say the goal of life is to eat. We need to food to live, but that is not our purpose.

Find your purpose. Whether it’s serving and helping others or something else entirely, if blogging is part of how you accomplish your purpose then that’s why you should blog.

Keep that purpose in mind and blogging will be something you will want to do, as it takes you toward your purpose.

Here are a few less-commonly cited reasons why you should blog:

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Create Value with Content Creation

ContentHave you ever thought about the impact good content has on others’ perception of you and your business?

All we have to do is look at the people whom we regularly read or watch videos or listen to podcasts and we have examples of the value of good content.

If we can create good content for our customers to absorb and gain value from, we are helping them with their lives as well as developing their sense that our company adds value to them.

Although there is more and more content generated each day, customers need content that is relevant and that they can use. Very few companies in each industry create content that serves its customers or its customers’ customers. So, this is a great opportunity to add value for your customers.

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