The Value of Creativity in Business and the Print Industry

The Value of Creativity in Business and the Print IndustryHave you ever thought of the value creativity in business brings to you, to others, and to the print industry?

Without creativity in business, we would not have ink jet printing, digital presses, or web-to-print software. There would be no apps for phones and tablets, nor would we have bar codes.

There wouldn’t even be unique labels and packaging that make a product stand out from the crowd.

Creativity helps us advance our businesses and ourselves. But we sometimes get so caught up in the day-to-day we do not employ our creativity in our print business.

Here are several reasons to consider focusing more on creativity in business. When we do these things, we will bring more value to the print industry.

Build Better Customer Relationships

If we can continually solve our customers’ challenges and help them win their opportunities, then we will build better customer relationships.

This takes creativity.

We need to ask questions, listen, and apply our creativity in business to helping our customers be better at what they do for their customers.

Just think: Can you imagine what the reaction would be if you created a uniquely designed printed piece or a marketing campaign in support of your customer’s campaign? What if it involved creating a custom app?

Build a Better Culture

If we build a better culture our teams will flourish.

If we encourage our team members’ creativity in business, they will generate unique solutions for our customers.

As we encourage creativity and it becomes more a part of who we are as a print business and as people, then we will build a better culture.

People will want to work at our companies and for those supervisors who are creative.

Customers will want to work with salespeople and CSRs who find creative ways to help them.

Imagine what this creative energy could do for our print businesses.

Enjoy the Gift of Creativity in Business

We were each given creative abilities.

We can be creative regardless of the job we perform.

Don’t you find that when you are creative for your customers or your team members, you get a shot of juice that inspires you to do more?

Enjoy this gift you have been given.

Build Your Business to a Higher Level

Each time we use our creativity in business, we set ourselves apart from other print businesses.

This elevates us in the mind of the customer, leading us to higher levels of creativity.

When we employ that creative habit over time and our competitors do not, we will separate ourselves from the pack. This creativity will take our businesses to a higher level.

Inspire Others

When we employ our creativity we will inspire others.

Who has not been excited or inspired by all the changes we see in the print industry?

I can personally remember seeing the Kodak Prosper running several years ago at 600 feet/minute. I thought I was seeing the future of print. It has taken time, but ink jet is making an impact in many areas of the print industry.

Who has not been inspired by the work of Steve Jobs and the impact he had in the computer and even the music industry?

Creativity does not have to come in the form of breakthroughs to be inspiring.

If it incrementally takes us to another level, it will inspire people to seek higher levels of creativity themselves.

There is tremendous value in creativity in business, for our customers, our team members, and ourselves.

What value have you seen in creativity in the print industry? What are some examples?

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  1. Melissa Sienicki
    Melissa Sienicki says:

    In a world where everyone seems to be shouting into the abyss for attention, it’s important to utilize creativity to set your company apart. Encourage the members of your company to share their creative minds, and don’t be afraid to test different ways in which to use that creativity. It will definitely benefit you in the long run. Thanks, Bill!

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