Innovation: Three Secrets Everyone Misses

innovationInnovation is a hot topic among business leaders. There are dozens of companies advising on innovation and countless books on ways to innovate.

If you’re serious about innovating your company to prepare for future opportunities and growth, you’ve probably had discussions with your executive leadership about change management and visioning.

In a recent post, Lauren Leader-Chivée, founding partner at Hewlett Chivée LLC, discusses three drivers of innovation many businesses overlook. Read more

Ten Traits of Great Innovators

innovatorsOne of the keys to sustained business success is understanding and embracing innovation. All organizations — and not just the Googles and the Apples of the world — can become innovative, but it can be challenging for some business leaders to see innovation in their teams and businesses.

In a recent Forbes post, contributor Rebecca Bagley discusses ten traits all great innovators possess.

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