Fear: Five Ideas to Help Slay Your Dragons

fearHave you ever been overcome by fear to the point where you think you cannot slay your dragons?

All of us reach that point on occasion in our lives, as well as in today’s challenging print industry.

Slaying your dragons in this context means overcoming our fears.

Fear holds many people back from achieving the kind of life they dream of, and from realizing the results of the God-given gifts with which they have been blessed.

There are many ways that we can overcome our fears.

Here are five ideas to help you overcome your fear, slay your dragons, and reach your potential: Read more

Five Ways to Overcome Fear

fearFear does not stop death…it stops life

Are you ever paralyzed by fear? I know I have been fearful enough over a goal, a relationship or a situation to stop in my tracks and do nothing.

If we can learn to deal with fear and overcome it, then we can make progress on our goals and create deeper relationships with people.

Here are a few thoughts about fear that can help us move forward instead of standing still: Read more

Overcoming Fear

fearsDo you have the desire to face down your fears? Overcoming fear takes will, courage, and the right attitude. Here are a few ideas on overcoming our fears of anything.

Relaxed Focus

To overcome fear we need to be relaxed. Fear tenses us up as it fills us with negative thoughts. We need to first close our eyes and think about an enjoyable moment or place to help put us in a state of relaxation. Read more