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Six Habits of Remarkably Likable People

The beginning of the year always provides business leaders with an opportunity to think about setting goals, and also change bad habits, and rededicate themselves towards professional development. For some, that means increasing their likeability factor: Being liked and respected in their organizations, and among their peers and colleagues. In a recent Inc.com post, contributor […]

Five Steps to Increased Efficiency

Productivity. It’s something that all business leaders and professionals are thinking about — how to do more in each day, eliminate the distractions, and keep focused on achieving the big business goals that lie ahead. In a recent Inc.com post, contributor Minda Zetlin interviewed Brian Moran, author of the “12 Week Year,” for his thoughts […]

Four Ways You’re Letting Your Customers Walk Away

A new study from research firm Ovum shows 90 percent of companies are losing customers because they’re failing to adapt to the new ways of doing business. In a recent inc.com article, columnist Erik Sherman summarizes the findings so businesses can learn what they’re doing wrong, as well as how to fix the issues. Certainly, […]

The Seven Forces of Business Mastery

The most successful businesses — and the leaders at their helm — are constantly evolving, improving, and adding value to remain relevant to their industries and the customers they serve. In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, business coach and author Tony Robbins shares his insights into the seven forces of business mastery all successful businesses […]

Don’t Fall into These Leadership Traps

With a fresh year dawning, business leaders and entrepreneurs are setting about improving their leadership style, helping their teams succeed, and positioning their businesses for growth. In a recent Forbes post, contributor Scott Edinger identifies seven characteristic pitfalls leaders should absolutely avoid in 2014. Edinger begins by noting there are times when all leaders need […]

Ten Things Employees Want More Than a Raise

Business owners and leaders spend a lot of time trying to understand what employees really value more than the size of their compensation package. Business writer and contributor Geoffrey James sums up the top ten employee wants based on “hundreds of conversations he’s had about bosses and jobs” in a recent Inc. post.