Ten Things Employees Want More Than a Raise

employeesBusiness owners and leaders spend a lot of time trying to understand what employees really value more than the size of their compensation package.

Business writer and contributor Geoffrey James sums up the top ten employee wants based on “hundreds of conversations he’s had about bosses and jobs” in a recent Inc. post.

#1: To feel proud: When asked what they do for a living, people want to brag a little rather than sweep it under the rug. Employees who feel proud about the work they do will reward their employers with high performance and dedication.

#2: To be treated fairly: Respect and admiration go hand in hand. In general, employees wanted to be rewarded and recognized for their hard work — and they want a leader who takes the time to notice.

#3: To respect the boss: Leaders don’t command respect. They earn it, at least in the eyes of their employees. Leaders who want to earn the respect of their employees need to demonstrate qualities that are worth respecting in the first place.

Employees want to believe in a leader worthy of their loyalty.

#4: To be heard out: The need to be heard on issues that impact the company ranks highly, and leaders risk losing the respect of their employees if they don’t listen to the concerns and suggestions they bring to the table.

Practicing an open-door policy in your organization gives employees an opportunity to be heard.

#5: To have a personal life: Even people who love their work need to unplug and have some time to themselves. For many employees, having time to spend time with their friends, families, and passions is very important.

Bosses who monopolize employee time can quickly burn out even the most dedicated staff.

#6: To be coached: When they need help, employees want to know that their boss will be there to coach them through complex problems and career challenges. Let employees figure things out, but be accessible.

#7: To see the toxic ones go: The need to have a well-functioning team isn’t just the boss’s concern. Employees want workplace harmony, too. Toxic employees can make the work day difficult for everyone.

#8: To feel less stress: Unnecessary stress makes everyone’s life more difficult.  Help manage the stress with careful planning, realistic goal setting, and coaching employees on time management best practices and strategies.

#9: To have a little security: Worrying about the future distracts even the most even-keeled and focused employees, and it can be difficult to focus on doing your best work with uncertainty rearing its head at every turn.

#10: To beat the competition: Teams doing good work together with a common goal in mind will achieve more and go further. This is especially true when beating the competition is top of mind.

What needs do you think employees have that I’ve missed? What would you add?