How to Inspire Employee Trust

TrustPerhaps the single most important cornerstone for any organization is trust — between partners, employees, and teams. It runs through every layer of business, from the CEO to the customer.

In a recent post, contributor Laura Garnett interviewed Lee Burgage, chief people officer at the Motley Fool. Burgage shared his perspectives on how the company has created an environment that creates a loyal workforce.

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Five Morning Rituals for a Productive Day

productiveBusiness owners can sometimes struggle with staying productive, and accomplishing more every day.

Combine long hours, ample opportunities for digital and social media distraction, as well as poor time management, and the result is slipping work performance and a lot of wasted effort.

In a recent Entrepreneur post, James Reinhart, co-founder of, gives five ways leaders and employees can optimize their morning routines to maintain high levels of productivity all day long.

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The Art of Effective Feedback

effective feedbackAs a business leader, you’ll occasionally be called upon to provide feedback to vendors, employees, and partners.

Good, honest feedback is essential to reinforcing good behaviors and correcting bad ones, but what makes some business leaders so effective at providing quality feedback?

In a recent Entrepreneur post, Gwen Moran explores five key elements of effective feedback.

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Six Metrics to Boost Your Sales

boost your salesSales are the cornerstone of any business, but increasing sales doesn’t need to be difficult if you know which metrics to track closely.

Dave Lavinsky, co-founder of Growthink and an Entrepreneur contributor, outlines six metrics that can help you boost your sales.

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HR Leaders: What You Shouldn’t Do in 2014

HR LeadersMost business and leadership advice focuses on the things you should do, rather than the things you shouldn’t.

In a recent post on, contributor Andrew Warren Smith suggests HR leaders start practicing the idea of limiting choices, and reinvesting recaptured time and energy into other priorities.

To begin narrowing down areas of focus for 2014, he offers the following list:

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Ten Traits of Great Innovators

innovatorsOne of the keys to sustained business success is understanding and embracing innovation. All organizations — and not just the Googles and the Apples of the world — can become innovative, but it can be challenging for some business leaders to see innovation in their teams and businesses.

In a recent Forbes post, contributor Rebecca Bagley discusses ten traits all great innovators possess.

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