Productivity: How to Beat the New Week Blahs

productivityAfter the long winter most of us in the United States have endured this year, Mondays feel even more unwelcome than usual. 

Greeting another week when you’re feeling less than motivated is a difficult task. But it’s not an impossible one.

And there are small tricks you can use to make heading into yet another (cold, wintery) week feel less like a mountain to climb, and help increase your productivity.

Writing in a recent article, entrepreneur Kevin Daum shares six tips for re-energizing your week. Read more

Four Ideas to Stay Focused and Productive

focused and productiveDo you have challenges with having focused periods to accomplish your goals?

Many of us have faced that issue, and all of us must be diligent in order to stay focused and maximize our productivity.

Here are four ideas to help you stay focused and productive. Read more

Productivity: Nine Things Productive People Don’t Do

productivityProductivity seems to always be on the minds of business leaders. Our days are filled with appointments, deadlines — and often, distractions come knocking.

In a recent post on, Bill Murphy, Jr., co-author of Breakthrough Entrepreneurship, says what you DON’T do, is just as important was what you DO do, when it comes to increasing your daily productivity. Read more

Brainstorming: Seven Steps to Put Ideas into Action

brainstormingIdea generation and brainstorming are the first steps towards innovation, but execution and implementation are also important parts of the process.

It’s an area where many organizations struggle — moving from the creative brainstorm into prototyping or building actual systems.

In an article first published in the MITSloan Management Review and summarized in a recent post, innovation consultants Joseph V. Sinfield, Tim Gustafson, and Brian Hindo argue that “while brainstorming sessions are frequently fun for participants, the output is too often considered impractical just days after the exercise.”

As a way to combat ineffective brainstorming, they offer a seven-step game plan to improve brainstorming, and help put those ideas into meaningful action. Read more

Six Steps to Salvage an Unproductive Day

unproductiveIn the life of a business leader, there will be unproductive days.

Despite our best efforts to stay ahead of the uncertainties that come with running a business, occasionally everything seems to go sideways.

Unproductive days are never welcome. They can negatively affect your organization’s success, rattle your self-confidence, and elevate stress levels when deadlines are looming.

In a recent Entrepreneur post, contributor Lisa Evans shares six steps (with insights from productivity experts Peggy Duncan and Les Taylor) that you can take to rescue an unproductive day. Read more