Productivity: How to Beat the New Week Blahs

productivityAfter the long winter most of us in the United States have endured this year, Mondays feel even more unwelcome than usual. 

Greeting another week when you’re feeling less than motivated is a difficult task. But it’s not an impossible one.

And there are small tricks you can use to make heading into yet another (cold, wintery) week feel less like a mountain to climb, and help increase your productivity.

Writing in a recent article, entrepreneur Kevin Daum shares six tips for re-energizing your week.

Complete a Big Project

Heading into the weekend knowing you’ve left an unfinished project on your desk can be stressful. Start your week off by tackling it. Arrange for help from your team if needed, but get it done as soon as possible at the start of the week to set a tone of accomplishment for the rest of the week.

De-clutter Something

Clutter can chip away at your productivity. A messy desk can set the tone for your day. Wasting time searching for papers, files, emails, even through a pile of unopened mail can add eat up more time than you think. As Daum writes, “When things are organized you feel more prepared and less drained. If you can’t do it yourself then hire somebody and free your mind of the mess.”

Start Something Special

Have you been wanting to start a new project, or get your team working on something new? Put that plan into action at the start of the week. “Beginnings have energy to them. They are filled with optimism and possibility.” You’ll feel energized and excited about the new possibilities.

Make that Special Appointment

Maybe there’s a meeting you’ve been anticipating. Or, maybe you’ve actually been dreading it. Either way, stop making excuses and get it set up. Having a set time scheduled for a meeting – good or bad  will get the fire lit, and provide a buzz of anticipation.

Create a Learning Experience

Daum suggests taking action – “…(start) reading a powerful book or sign up for a seminar that will help you raise your game to a whole new level. Before long you’ll look back on this day and wonder what took you so long to take action.” A new and improved you, means a new and improved team or department. Share your new knowledge with those around you.

Schedule a Treat

This one is the easiest – and the hardest. For some reason, busy leaders often feel they can’t ‘treat’ themselves. But, as Daum rightly points out, “If you are carrying stress and dreading the workweek, you most likely are not rewarding yourself for the contribution you are making and that will lead to burnout.” And, if you really want to kick it up a notch, include others in your special treat. “Treat someone who contributes heavily and yet appears to be under appreciated. The recognition you show will add to the higher morale of everyone in proximity for at least a week.”

What would you add? Do you have any tips for boosting morale, at the start of the week, or anytime?

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  1. Melissa Sienicki
    Melissa Sienicki says:

    All great points, and I especially agree with scheduling a treat. You have to give yourself a break/something to look forward to or work becomes a constant affair. It’s a lesson I’ve learned the heard way, but I am finally scheduling a break/taking a lunch most days to rejuvenate myself. Thanks, Bill!

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