The Value of a Stewardship Attitude

stewardshipWhat is stewardship? In its simplest form it is managing what we have for someone else.

In other words, it is the management of something or someone entrusted into our care. We are given many gifts and abilities that we are to use to help others whether customers, employees or suppliers.

From a personal and spiritual perspective, I believe that all I have has been given to me by God and I am a steward of those things: My wife, Joy; my three boys, our business, my knowledge, my skills, my abilities, my time, my money, etc.

As a steward of all of those things, I have the responsibility to manage those for the benefit of the owner or others. This attitude can have a profound impact on your people and your business.

Here are a few ideas on the impact of a stewardship attitude:

Treat People with Value

When we see our role as stewards we treat people with value. If we see ourselves as owners and not managers of all we have then we may be tempted to use people to get what we want.

With stewardship, as stewards, we make an impact on people that work with or for us. We have a sense of responsibility, to challenge them, care for them, and to provide a great work environment for them, because we view our people as being under our care. The more people are valued the better the results are, as well as the sense of oneness we can achieve as a team.

Treat Customers with Value

As a steward, we see our roles as one of a servant, one who serves customers rather than seeing them as just a means to an end like money. Customers know when we value them as people, and let’s face it, customers do business with whom they like and trust. When we show genuine interest in them as people they begin to like and trust us. We serve them by helping them get what they need and we are rewarded with their trust.

Shepherd Our Business for the Good of the Community

We lead differently when we approach our business as an act of stewardship as opposed to ownership. We are concerned about our community and realize the community benefits from what we bring to it. We have the ability to make a difference to those in our community by how we treat our people, our customers, and our suppliers, as well as by contributing our time and our talents to charity organizations.

Be an Example for Others to Follow

As a steward, we see a responsibility to leave something behind for those that follow. We have the opportunity to educate the next generation of managers, salespeople, or customer service people so they can deliver great products and services to the next generation of customers. This can be consciously taught and can also be something learned because of the culture we have created within our companies.

Leave Something Behind

When we see our role as stewards we know we must leave something behind, whether a great culture, a financially successful business or an innovative product or service. This is our ultimate legacy and opportunity to impact those within our circle of influence.

A stewardship attitude means we act as managers not owners, and we leverage that attitude to make the world a better place. Can you think of other benefits of seeing your role as a steward of what you have been given?