The Seven Forces of Business Mastery

businessThe most successful businesses — and the leaders at their helm — are constantly evolving, improving, and adding value to remain relevant to their industries and the customers they serve.

In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, business coach and author Tony Robbins shares his insights into the seven forces of business mastery all successful businesses possess — and the lessons for budding entrepreneurs.

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Don’t Fall into These Leadership Traps

leadershipWith a fresh year dawning, business leaders and entrepreneurs are setting about improving their leadership style, helping their teams succeed, and positioning their businesses for growth.

In a recent Forbes post, contributor Scott Edinger identifies seven characteristic pitfalls leaders should absolutely avoid in 2014.

Edinger begins by noting there are times when all leaders need to address their areas of weakness, particularly when they begin to overshadow a person’s strengths in their chosen role.

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Ten Things Employees Want More Than a Raise

employeesBusiness owners and leaders spend a lot of time trying to understand what employees really value more than the size of their compensation package.

Business writer and contributor Geoffrey James sums up the top ten employee wants based on “hundreds of conversations he’s had about bosses and jobs” in a recent Inc. post.

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How to Create a High-Energy Workforce

workforceAs a business owner and leader, you know the importance of building the right team for long-term growth and success.

You’ve brought the right people in and you’re positioned to do great things.

In a recent post, contributor and author of Leading Through Uncertainty Peter Economy, shares his tips and strategies for tapping into an active and engaged workforce.

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Three Ways Great Leaders Handle Adversity

adversityWhen things are at their worst and it seems there isn’t a clear end in sight, the way you handle that challenge can reflect the strength of your leadership — or show its weaknesses.

In a recent Forbes post, serial entrepreneur and contributor Mike Maddock shares three techniques used by his own mentors when they are faced with a problem or circumstance that seems impossible to resolve. 

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Five Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence as a Leader

confidenceAs a business leader, having the confidence to make difficult decisions and have conflict-riddled conversations is a necessary component of sustained success.

Thomas Edward, the founder of executive coaching firm Confidence Unchained and an Entrepreneur contributor, outlines five steps for establishing and increasing your confidence:

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