How to Create a High-Energy Workforce

workforceAs a business owner and leader, you know the importance of building the right team for long-term growth and success.

You’ve brought the right people in and you’re positioned to do great things.

In a recent post, contributor and author of Leading Through Uncertainty Peter Economy, shares his tips and strategies for tapping into an active and engaged workforce.

Catch Them Doing Something Right

Outstanding organizations share success with their employees, says Economy.

When your employees and members of your team are doing something right, take a moment to communicate that to others. You’ll be rewarded with continued outstanding performance simply by showing them their efforts and hard work are appreciated (and recognized) throughout the organization.

“Highlight constructive processes, strategies, and employee ideas, and publicize how they benefit the organization.”

Set the Bar High

Set high standards for productivity, performance, and professionalism throughout your organization, and work closely with employees to get them back on track when those standards aren’t met.

Never lower your standards, advises Economy, and instead “partner with employees and take on challenges as a team.”

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communicate clearly and often. Highlight what is working and share the successes, and use challenges as an opportunity to have your employees think about future growth.

“Use communication as a tool to inspire and motivate, as well as to direct and resolve problems.”

Trust Your Employees — and Help Them Grow

Leaders who understand the success of their company is directly tied to the individual success of their employees, work to establish trust and a positive working environment.

Give your employees the freedom to make their own decisions, but be there to help them up when they stumble and make mistakes.

Create and Maintain a Productive Environment

Productive, motivated people drive outstanding organizations.

Economy advises leaders to ensure employees feel challenged with their daily tasks, but not overwhelmed. Delegate tasks whenever possible and encourage everyone to assume more and more responsibility.  The result? “Employes are always in motion and have a stake in the organization’s success.”

Build a Community

Employees that feel a sense of connection to one another and to the organization are going to reward you with their success and dedication. Economy recommends partnering with employees and involving them in the success of the organization.

“Create and cultivate a sense of camaraderie, where people look forward to coming to work because they want to be a part of your company’s success story.”

How would you create a high-energy workforce in your organization?