Four Reasons Leaders Hold Themselves Accountable

leadersIs accountability ever an issue with you or your organization?

It usually is in most companies and at one time or another for most of us.

One action that drives most people crazy is when a leader is unwilling to be accountable for their actions and decisions. However, when leaders hold themselves accountable and accept responsibility for a situation they make a significant impact on those around them.

Here are four reasons to hold yourself accountable:

Set the Tone

Leaders need to be aware that they are under the microscope all the time from their people, their customers, their suppliers and their families. We need to be certain that we are setting a good example for others to follow so that our organizations will track our lead.

When we set the right tone then it opens up the opportunity for others to be humble and accept responsibility for their actions since the leader is doing the same.

Develop a Corrective Action Plan

If we are willing to admit our mistakes and take responsibility for them then we can develop a corrective action plan. When we can do this we give ourselves the opportunity to improve in the future and avoid making the same mistake again.

If I do not believe I have done anything wrong then I probably will not do anything differently in the future. This holds me back from being a better and more effective leader at work as well as at home.

Build Trust

Trust is the currency that builds good relationships. We want others to know we are accountable for our actions in order that we build their trust in us.

When people trust us we are able to get more accomplished as they want to work harder for leaders that do not think more highly of themselves than they should.

Generate Transparency

In today’s world, followers want their leaders to be transparent. Transparency creates greater trust with followers when we acknowledge our shortcomings and do not pretend we are something we are not.

Holding ourselves accountable helps to build the confidence in our leadership of those who follows us. It sets the tone for the culture of our company and our families as people follow our lead.

When people in an organization hold themselves accountable, there is no telling how successful they can be since they are willing to learn from their mistakes. What other reasons can you think of to hold yourself accountable to business or family members?