How to Redeem the Time and Get the Most Out of Life

TimeAre we making the most of the time we have? Time is short and the older we get the more we appreciate the one thing we cannot get back: Our time.

We are either spending our time wisely or we are wasting it. Each of us wants to know that at the end of our life, we made the most of it…made a difference.

Here are a few ideas to help us make the most of the days we have been allotted.

Live a Life of Purpose

When we live a life of purpose, life becomes meaningful. When we look at our gifts and the opportunities we have to use those gifts, it is easier to think about how we best use them to serve others.

We enjoy our gifts but they were also given to us to benefit others. When we serve others with our gifts we discover a worthy purpose and calling.

Prevail Passionately

Live life with passion and fervor each moment. We can choose to do work we are passionate about if we have the courage to do so. We may not be in that situation currently but the only person stopping us is…us.

Our passion will carry us through the tough times and we know there will be tough times on this earth; it is the nature of being human.

Dream Big

We only live once so why not have dreams that are of a great purpose, driving us to live with passion each day. When we dream big we are motivated to get to work. Also, we attract what we need to move forward in the direction of our dreams, as we get clearer.

I know that when I have a clear vision of my dream, I begin to see relationships and situations that relate to the vision differently. I may have walked past situations in the past and not noticed, but now I do.

Create a Plan

Once we know what our dream and purpose are we need to create a detailed action plan that leads us there. This will ensure that we make the most of our time and avoid situations that do not help us reach our vision.

Weekly Review

When we take the time to helicopter above the forest each week, we will see the progress we made the past week. This helps us feel good about our progress and ourselves.

We also have the opportunity to think about what did not go well and what we learned from those situations.

Serve People

If our focus is on serving others then we will experience a great sense of joy unlike any feeling we have when we are focused on ourselves. Service raises others up and in the process we reach a higher state of being. See each person as an opportunity to make their day.

God has given us each day to enjoy and spend wisely. Every day is a gift and a precious commodity. We only get just so many of them so let’s redeem the time by enjoying the relationships we are given, and serve others with a magnificent obsession.

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  1. Melissa Sienicki
    Melissa Sienicki says:

    Thank you for sharing these brilliant ideas, Bill! I especially appreciate the idea of doing a weekly review to see how far you’ve come in reaching certain goals/moving forward with plans.

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