Six Steps to Delegate Effectively

delegateIn yesterday’s post, we discussed why delegation is important.

Today, we will discuss six steps to delegate effectively. It is important that we establish an effective delegation process we can use to assign work to others, and be assured it will be done on time with the results we expect.

When we have a proven process, delegation is easier, the person receiving the delegated work appreciates it, and we get the results we desire.
Here are six steps to an effective delegation process:

Prepare for the Meeting

Prior to meeting with the person to whom we want to assign the work, we need to put together all the material and information they need. We also want to write down the goal, the results, and the timeline for accomplishing the work.

By preparing ahead of the meeting, we will be clear about what we want done by when, and it is much more likely that the person to whom we are assigning the task will understand.

Assign the Task

The second step in the process is to meet with the person who will be responsible for the delegated task.

Communicate the goal, the results, the timeline, and any needed material, information or resources they may require.

Confirm Their Understanding

Ask the person responsible for the delegated task to describe to you their understanding of the goal and the results for accomplishing the goal.

When they repeat it, they will become clearer about it and we will know whether they have the needed clarity.

Track the Delegated Task

Find a method that works for you to keep track of delegated tasks. This could be done using a calendar, task manager or any other tool that works for you where it will be reviewed at regular intervals.

We want to make sure that no delegated task slips through the cracks.

Follow-up at Regular Intervals

Agree with the person on when we want them to report back to us on their progress, and how we want them to report it: Face to face, phone call, email, etc.

Now, we will not have to chase them for the status of the project.

Celebrate the Success

Find a way to celebrate the success. We do this to let people know we appreciate them, which is the fuel for future success.

We also want them to feel good about what they are accomplishing to build their confidence for future projects. This is how we can help our people grow into the potential we know exists in them.

If we have a process to delegate effectively, we will have a higher success rate with our team and they will have increased confidence. What process do you use to delegate effectively?