Think Big to Accomplish More


Have you ever thought of the value of thinking big in terms of goal setting or the vision for your life or your print business? There is tremendous value in thinking big as often as you can. People who are big thinkers have more opportunities and accomplish more than they would if they thought small.

Here are several reasons why thinking big will help you accomplish more:

Creates Breakthrough Thinking

When we think big we are forced to go way outside the box. This is because we know the thinking that got our print business to its current state simply will not get us as far down the road as big thinking will. When we set low goals that we know are easily achievable, we think incrementally and the low goals become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We must think big in order to have breakthroughs.

Generates New Ideas

When we set high goals as a result of thinking big, we generate new ideas. We know that if we are to reach our high goals we must generate ever-newer ideas to spur us on in terms of products, services, the culture we are trying to create in our print company, and the way we serve our print customers.

Build Better Relationships

Thinking big will cause us to think about the relationships needed to create the life we desire, or the business we want to build, or the revenue we want to generate. No one can accomplish what they want on their own; we need people and relationships to reach ever-higher goals. As an example, if you are in print sales and you want to increase your sales volume, you may want to think bigger than your current customer base and find someone who can write you a bigger check. If your largest customer does $100,000 per year in revenue, who can do $200,000 with you?

Serve More

When we think big, we are driven to serve more. We can only receive the value of reaching a bigger goal if we are delivering ever more value to other people. If we are helping others reach for higher goals and meeting their needs, then we will have opportunity to reach our own goals. If you want to achieve more, then consider how you can serve others more.

Drives You Farther

Personally, the bigger I think the more I am driven to accomplish my vision—provided I’m looking at a realistic goal that’s still a stretch. This drives my thinking, my focus, my prioritization, and, in turn, generates ever-greater results. When I accomplish more, I become more passionate, and that provides the fuel for me to go farther faster.

Thinking big can have an amazing impact on the level of success you achieve, however you measure it. In today’s print industry, we often need to think big in order to reinvent our companies and ourselves.

How has thinking big worked for you in the past?


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