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Relentless Optimism Moves the Print Industry

Have you ever thought about what continues to propel some people forward in the print industry in spite of whatever setbacks they encounter? One thing that moves people forward is having relentless optimism. I’m talking about the kind of person who does not get down—or at least not for long. These people see opportunity all around […]

The Key to Results-Oriented Innovation

Have you ever introduced an innovation to your customers and wondered why you were so excited about it but they were not? Was it because they did not understand your vision? Or, could it have been they really did understand it, but the innovation didn’t do anything for them? This post will outline how you can develop an innovation that impacts […]

Lifelong Learning Drives Print Revenue

Have you ever thought of the relationship between learning and print revenue for your business? There is a strong correlation because your customers want to do business with experts in the print industry, not just order takers. Order taking is easy. But customers often want creative thinking and product/service knowledge. How do you get there? You commit […]

Six Steps for Preparation for Growth

If you have the desire to grow your print revenue as a principal, salesperson or customer service representative, have you ever thought about the importance to prepare for that growth? Before launching a new product or new capability or capturing a new type of customer, it is important to be prepared prior to going for […]