Relentless Optimism Moves the Print Industry


Have you ever thought about what continues to propel some people forward in the print industry in spite of whatever setbacks they encounter?

One thing that moves people forward is having relentless optimism. I’m talking about the kind of person who does not get down—or at least not for long.

These people see opportunity all around them and refuse to allow negative thoughts to germinate. Here are a few reasons to develop and maintain relentless optimism:

Lifts Up Those around You

People who have relentless optimism help to spur others on to higher levels of performance. These people could be leaders, managers, salespeople, customer service people, or simply co-workers. When their optimism lifts others around them, everyone is better able to put their whole hearts and minds into the projects they are working on.

Generates Fuel for Performance

Have you ever observed people who move forward in spite of significant obstacles? Their optimism becomes the fuel to reach higher and higher levels of performance for their customers, their team members, and their families. The print industry has had its share of obstacles, but if we look around we will find those who are succeeding in spite of the industry. We can succeed, too; we may just have to think differently.

Close More Business

I would rather buy from an optimistic salesperson than a pessimistic one. Most of us want to associate with people we believe are at the top of their field, and we associate that success with optimism. When we are optimistic, we can help our print customers see how we can create opportunity for them in their businesses.

Leads to Contagious Enthusiasm

When we are optimistic, we create an attitude that propels us with a sense of contagious enthusiasm. Everyone around us becomes infected with a level of enthusiasm that cannot be extinguished. This enthusiasm leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and performance.

Creates Opportunity Where None Exists

When we have relentless optimism, we create opportunity at every turn. Instead of seeing segments of the print industry as mature, we see opportunities. We see ways to create a great future. When we believe opportunities are all around us, we keep looking until we find them. We become more persistent, persevering until we find a customer solution that works.

The print person who has relentless optimism has a significant advantage over those who do not, as the optimistic person can impact customers and make a difference in other people’s lives.

What are the examples of relentless optimism that you have seen in the print industry?


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2 replies
  1. Bruce Cameron
    Bruce Cameron says:

    Excellent post Bill. I would add that enthusiasm comes from the Greek, ‘ethos’ which means, with God. And the word Inspired has it’s root in Latin and translates ‘to breathe into’ from God. Derived from Latin, optimism translates as ‘best’.

    So, to be with God and inspired by him to see the best in any situation, regardless of appearances, must result an individual that thrives. Develop a culture of optimism made up of inspired and enthusiastic people and your business must not only sustain and grow. It will thrive regardless of apparent industry conditions!

    “For myself I am an optimist. It does not seem to be much use to be anything else.” Winston Churchill

    • Bill Prettyman
      Bill Prettyman says:

      Bruce, thanks for your comment. You have enlightened me on optimism translating as “best.” I completely agree that a culture of optimism will move a company forward regardless of industry conditions!

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