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Five Ways to Improve Leadership Through Influence

Which creates more effective leadership: Control or influence? As leaders in the print industry we can control our team for a while by using fear, threatening their jobs, continually beating them up, etc. However, this will only work for just so long. You will win their minds but not their hearts. To win their hearts […]

Think Big to Accomplish More

Have you ever thought of the value of thinking big in terms of goal setting or the vision for your life or your print business? There is tremendous value in thinking big as often as you can. People who are big thinkers have more opportunities and accomplish more than they would if they thought small. Here […]

Five Ways to Avoid the Comparison Trap

Have you ever thought about how comparison can trap you in the print industry? When we compare ourselves to others, we put ourselves in a trap of thinking “I am not good enough” or “I am not making enough progress.” Instead, we need to avoid the comparison trap to maintain a state of contentment with […]

Five Ways to Become a Print Master

Do you have a fire burning within you to be the best in the print industry in your geographic area, whether that’s the best CEO, the best salesperson, or the best customer service representative? Do you want to become the best you can be to reach your full potential for your family, your customers and […]

Six Reasons to Create a Compelling Vision

Have you ever created a vision for your printing company or for your life? If so, was it compelling? Was it a vision that created interest? One that was inspiring to you and others? All of us search for meaning in life and want to know we are making the most of the time, talents, […]