Go Farther Faster with a Winning Attitude

attitudeHave you ever noticed that those people who are most content, most productive, and reach their goals more frequently have a great attitude?

A great attitude can be something you are born with, but more often than not it is developed over time. The saying that “attitude determines altitude” could not be more true.

Many people believe that we achieve and then we develop a great attitude as a result of our achievement. I would argue that success builds confidence, but reaching that success can only be achieved by having a great attitude.

One of the questions you may be asking yourself is “How do I develop a winning attitude?”

Here are a few ideas to implement to help you go farther faster:

Stay Positive.

When we remain positive regardless of what happens to us, it inspires us to keep going. We persevere and develop the necessary persistence to see us through any adversity. Consider seeing the good in all situations and view trials and setbacks with print customers as learning opportunities for growth.

Go Creative.

If you are stuck for answers when drawing on your experience, consider thinking outside the box. Solve issues for your print customers in new ways and dare to stand out from your competitors by just thinking differently. Listen and observe what your customers need and create a solution that is way different than competitors. Your creativity is something that is not replicable and gives you a competitive advantage.

Build/Preserve the Relationship.

In the print business, we may face adversity with people with whom we work or with customers. Those people who do their best to build and preserve relationships will be successful. Customers will want to stay because you worked through whatever issues you were facing.

Generate Excitement.

Find the passion in your print business whatever that is: sales, marketing, customer service, manufacturing, or something else. Get excited about what you do and you will develop an attitude that is contagious to those around you. People love working with others who have a passionate spirit and enthusiasm because it keeps them positive as well … and it is fun to be with them.


Realize that ultimately, our purpose must be to serve our print industry customers. If we are sensitive to their needs and find a way to meet those needs, we will develop a great attitude that will keep customers coming back for more from us.

Having a winning attitude keeps your momentum moving forward even if you think you are standing still.

Regardless of what is happening to us, we can stay positive and move ahead with passion and excitement.

What actions do you take to create a winning attitude?


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