The Value of Serving

servingHave you ever thought about the value of serving?

It is not only the recipient that benefits but we become better people as well.

We can serve our spouses, our employees, our customers, our family and others.

Serving becomes a mindset, and as we help others with their needs we grow as people.

Here are a few benefits of serving our customers and our people:

Make People’s Lives Better

When we serve others we make their lives better. If we understand what our customers need and help them reach their goals, then we have made their life better as well as those around them.

When we serve our people by helping them with their needs, we grow as people in the process.

Help People Make Others’ Lives Better

When we serve others by helping them with their needs then we enable them to do a better job of serving those in their area of influence. Our serving becomes a catalyst and a multiplier that only stops when people down the line are not serving.

Theoretically, our serving can have an infinite impact.

Ignite Personal Growth

When we serve others, we often have to reach back and get creative in order to solve a problem. When we are forced to deal with situations that test us and push us, we will become better people and growth will be ignited.

Find the Joy in Your Life

Think back to situations where you served others. Some of those situations were where your focus was not on you but on those you served, and that created joy in your life.

Albert Schweitzer once said “I do not know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: The only ones among you who will be really happy will be those who have sought and found how to serve.”

Find More Purpose in Your Life

When we focus on serving others instead of our focus being on ourselves we find meaning and purpose in our lives. This is a purpose that gets you out of bed every day and charges your battery with the enthusiasm needed to work hard in service to others.

Serving has multiple benefits for others as well as for us. What are some of the ways that you serve others? What are some other benefits that you see in serving others?

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