Six Reasons to Create a Compelling Vision


Have you ever created a vision for your printing company or for your life? If so, was it compelling? Was it a vision that created interest? One that was inspiring to you and others?

All of us search for meaning in life and want to know we are making the most of the time, talents, and resources we have been given.

Here are several reasons to consider creating a compelling vision that gets you up every morning and pulls you forward.

Live Life on Purpose

If we want to have a more purposeful life, career, or print business that makes us feel like we are making a difference, we need to start with creating a compelling vision. When we live a life with purpose we will feel like we are living out what we were meant to do with our lives and our businesses. Living life on purpose starts with creating a compelling vision and then creating a life plan.

Accomplish More in Less Time

Why do we accomplish more in less time with a compelling vision? Because we evaluate all activities against that vision to decide whether we need to do those actions or not. We become more particular about what we spend our time on, rather than just going about doing stuff all day and wondering at the end of a week what we’ve accomplished. The more time we can devote to actions that help us advance our vision, the more we can accomplish in less time. That’s true whether our vision involves growing our print customer base or growing our print company.

Generate Enthusiasm Even in the Mundane

When we have a compelling vision, it does not matter how big or how small the action item is as long as it is consistent with achieving our compelling vision. Even the small items take on significance because they are leading us toward our vision.

Excite Print Prospects, Customers, and Team Members

Your excitement creates excitement in others. That’s true whether you are in sales, customer service or are the CEO of your company. People want to be associated with those who are going somewhere, and your compelling vision offers an opportunity for you to generate excitement so others follow you.

Leverage All Your Resources

Do you ever think about what you do with your resources, such as your time and talents? When we have a compelling vision we waste fewer resources on items that really do not matter. When we know what matters, we can focus all of our resources on the accomplishment of our vision.

Gain Satisfaction in Serving Others with your Gifts

All of us derive great satisfaction in accomplishing a goal. The greatest satisfaction comes when we have focused our efforts in serving others with our gifts and have made a difference in the lives of others. With a compelling vision, we can define whom we are serving and know that when it is accomplished, we have made a difference.

A compelling vision is required to drive us forward in support of others. It also provides the personal satisfaction of accomplishment.

What reasons have you had for creating a compelling vision for your print career or print business?

If you have one, would you mind sharing it with others to inspire them to higher levels of satisfaction and accomplishment?


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