Delegation: The Tool for Super Growth

DelegationDo you struggle with delegating work to others? Most of us do and I have as well.

What I have learned through delegation is that this is the tool for generating super growth in your business and in your life.

When I have delegated tasks to others, whether professionally or personally, our company and myself personally have grown as a result. When I have not, then growth was stifled.

It is easy to think we are delegating enough but it is important to really examine it.

Here are four reasons for, and benefits of, a serious self-examination of whether we are delegating enough.

Generate Company Growth

When we delegate to others the company has the ability to grow. We delegate those items that are not our unique ability even if we are competent at them, and hold on to those responsibilities and tasks we are uniquely qualified to do.

If everyone on the team is working on what they are best at i.e., unique ability, then we have the opportunity for significant growth.

Accelerate Personal Growth

When we delegate we are able to release the work that we are only just competent at or just good at or maybe even excellent. This allows us to focus on our unique abilities to hone these skills to get even better at them.

The more we are able to work at them the more we are able to accelerate our personal growth. So why should we stay where we are? Let’s figure out how to delegate to focus on our unique abilities and quicken our personal development. Also, is it not more fun to work at what we do best?

Develop the Growth of Others

When we delegate to others, especially those tasks that are unique to their abilities, they then have the opportunity to grow in their skills and as people. They become more excited and passionate about what they are doing. This passion is the fuel and driver for the super growth our companies and individuals gain from delegation.

Accomplish More on Purpose

If we take the time to figure out our strengths and what purpose we can accomplish with them, then we know what to delegate. We delegate those tasks that line up the least with our purpose, strengths and skills.

When we are spending more time in our sweet spot, we begin to accomplish more on purpose. We have intentionally decided to further develop our strengths.

Imagine what our companies would look like and what each of us would personally look like if everyone focused on their unique abilities. Can you visualize the results: More people working on their passion, people working with more purpose, and the engine of growth moving our companies and our team of people toward fulfilling their potential. What other reasons can you think of for delegation?

This is part one of a two-part blog post on delegation. Part two will appear tomorrow on the How-to’s of Delegation.

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