How to Communicate Effectively

communicateOne of the greatest challenges we all face is to communicate effectively.

Effective communication can lead to better relationships and better teamwork. We also need to communicate more effectively during presentations.

Whether we are communicating one on one, to a small group or a large audience, there are some basic ways we can plan and execute to help us communicate effectively.

Here are five ways to make sure our communication works:

Communicate: Know Your Audience

If we are to communicate effectively we need to understand our audience’s background: Their likes, dislikes, expectations, and what drives them. We need to meet people where they are.

If their knowledge of our presentation is low then start low and if it is high start high. How do we get to know them? The answer follows in the next idea to communicate effectively.

Ask Questions

To know your audience better you must ask the right questions before a formal presentation, or before you open your mouth and go into presentation mode. The most impressive salespeople that have ever presented to me took the time to first get to know our company and me.

When they knew me and utilized that information they communicated effectively.

Prepare and Plan

Prior to presenting or conversing, prepare for the meeting and plan what you will say. The reason to do this is the presentation does not ever go as planned so you want to have a game plan to get the conversation back on track.

This will help you continue to communicate effectively during the meeting.

Tell a Story

If we want to communicate effectively we want to tell a story. Stories are always remembered more than facts, features, or benefits.

If we can tell a story during our presentation or meeting that incorporates our key points then we will be remembered.

Use Visual Aids

To communicate effectively, use visual aids. This can be a slideshow, a video, a diagram, a flip chart or any other type of visual aid. Most people learn more visually so visual aids will enhance your message to help you communicate more effectively.

Effective and purposeful communication is the key to understanding what others want, and will help us effectively communicate our message to others.

What other ways do you utilize to communicate effectively?

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  1. Melissa Sienicki
    Melissa Sienicki says:

    I would say it’s important to utilize your ears. Listen to your audience when they’re speaking to you, truly take in what they’re saying instead of thinking only about what you want to say next or cutting them off.

    Another must-share blog – thanks, Bill!

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