Create Tension in the Workplace for Better Results

Tension in the WorkplaceHave you ever thought of the value of tension in the workplace, particularly for your print business?

Tension in the workplace makes us uncomfortable and may even cause anxiety and stress us out, regardless of our title. However, growth and results are where the tension is.


Tension usually develops when we want to or need to achieve a result and we are not sure we can make it happen. We may have a goal we want to achieve or generate the necessary results for our company. In the absence tension in the workplace, we will achieve less and we will not grow as a person or as a company.

If we seek the areas that create tension, that means we are pushing to make progress.

Here are five ways we can create positive tension in the workplace that leads to growth and future success.

Develop a Big Vision

When we have a big vision we create tension because we do not know if we can achieve it. However, if we do achieve it just think how much satisfaction we will have in reaching the vision.

To develop the big vision, imagine that you are 80 years old looking back on your life.

What is it that you would have wanted to achieve?

This is your vision.

Write Down Your Business or Life Plan

Once you establish a big vision, sit down and create a business or life plan. You will feel tension here because you will not have achieved what is in your life plan yet.

If you can achieve that life plan, you will feel great about your progress as you increase your skills and abilities.

Create Stretch Goals

Instead of setting an easily achievable goal, set one that stretches the abilities of you and your print team.

You will know that you have set a stretch goal because of the natural tension that develops due to your uncertainty as to whether you can achieve the goal. However, think about how satisfied you and your team will be if you can, in fact, achieve the goal.

The stretch goal will force you to seek changes along with new skills and abilities generating growth so you can achieve the goal.

Discuss Your Vision, Plan, and Goals

It is crucial to your success to discuss your vision, plan, and goals with others.


First, we have the opportunity to verbalize our thoughts and as we do we become clearer on what we want to do.

Secondly, we have the opportunity to seek feedback from others and that input will move us forward toward our vision and goals.

Discuss the Sacred Cow

How often are we unwilling to discuss sacred cows that stand in the way of progress for our companies or ourselves personally?

We need to name that cow, bring it up in conversation, and find a way to slay it to continue to make forward progress.

Tension in the Workplace

When we seek tension in the workplace, we have the opportunity to achieve greater results for ourselves professionally, for our companies, and for ourselves.

What ways do you create tension in the workplace and has it helped you make progress in the life of your business, your profession, or your personal life?

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