The Value of Vision

VisionHave you ever wondered what the next step is for your business, or your personal journey?

Have you ever observed the passion with which some people execute their work?

The reason could quite possibly be that they have a clear vision for who they are and where they are headed.

If you have not constructed a vision for your business or for yourself personally, here are some good reasons to get clear about it.

To Give Purpose to Life

Why do we get out of bed everyday outside of needing to work to pay our bills? What makes some people move quickly while others cannot seem to get moving? One reason is those who have a vision for where they are going have a purpose in life. Vision fulfills purpose.

To Know What to Do Next

If we have a clear vision then it is easier to figure out what to do next. When we know what we want to become then it is simple to lay out the next steps that help us reach that vision. The vision becomes the North Star. If we are unsure of what the next step is, then we can just back up, look at our vision and plot the next steps.

To Enlist Others in the Process

Most of us enjoy helping others achieve their goals. When we know what someone’s vision is we can help support that vision with ideas, comments, suggestions, and resources. When people on our team understand the vision we have for our business or ourselves, then they may be drawn into it to help.

To Contribute to Something Larger Than Yourself

At the end of our lives what will we have spent our time doing? Was it all about us? If so, we probably will not feel fulfilled. If we had a vision of contributing to something larger than ourselves then we will have given our lives meaning and purpose. We will feel fulfilled because we helped and served others in the process of reaching our vision.

To Create Passion

When we are clear about our vision and pursuing it we generate a passion for it. That passion carries us through the trials and obstacles we encounter along the way to achieving our vision; we are able to keep going.

To Create Velocity

When we know what we want to achieve and have a clear sense for the steps to reach it we generate velocity as we go. Each step achieved motivates and inspires us as well as others to quickly reach for and execute that next step along the way to our vision.

Do you have a clear vision for your business or your life? What value have you received from having a clear vision? What value have you observed in others who have a clear vision?

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  1. Melissa Sienicki
    Melissa Sienicki says:

    I think it’s also important to remember to keep your vision somewhat flexible. Your life – both in matters of home and job – is fluid, ever-changing. You have to allow your vision to change with it. A great read, Bill!

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