Goals: The Fewer The Better

goalsHave you ever felt like you had more goals on your list than you had time to accomplish?

I know I have and it took me awhile to realize that I have limited time compared to what I want to achieve.

Therefore, to make more progress more quickly I needed to have fewer goals not more goals.

Here are four reasons why fewer goals are better than more goals:

Provides Increased Focus

When we have two or three goals instead of many goals we have increased our focus. We are no longer thinking about the other 10 we want to achieve because we have mentally put them on the shelf and will work on some of those other 10 goals when the first two or three goals are complete.

This increased focus allows us to move forward with less stress.

Achieve More Goals

It may sound strange at first, but we achieve more goals in terms of completing them when we focus on fewer goals. When we have 10 goals we only do a little of each goal so progress on completion is very slow.

When we have only two or three goals all of our time and resources can be focused at just those goals and we complete them quickly. Sometimes if we have too many goals we may not even complete any of them.

Reduce Feeling Overwhelmed and Frustrated

When I look at too many goals at once I can get a feeling of being overwhelmed and frustrated because I know that it will be difficult to accomplish that many goals in a short a amount of time.

We need to do ourselves a favor and only set two or three goals to reduce the sense of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Create Greater Momentum

The more goals we achieve the more momentum we can create. We can achieve more goals if we have fewer goals since our focus and effort will be on only two or three goals instead of 10 goals.

As we achieve our goals we become more excited as well as enthused and that energy can be leveraged on the next set of goals.

It is very easy to take on too many goals at once especially for the overachiever in all of us. Consider taking on no more than two or three major goals at once, accomplish them and then move on to the next set. We will create more momentum and satisfaction.

What other value do you see in only working on a few goals at a time compared to 10 goals at a time?