5 Ways to Achieve Your Most Important Project

mountainAre you ever frustrated by the lack of time you have to work on your most important project? Each of us have the same amount of time to accomplish our goals but some people just seem to reach their goals and accomplish their most important project easier than others.

Here are several ways to make sure we accomplish our most important project:

Do a Time Inventory.

We may not be accomplishing our project because we think we do not have the time. We can take the time to do a time inventory by writing down what we do in 15 minute increments and then review it at the end of the week. I have personally discovered many time wasters or a task that I should not be doing. The time inventory makes this evident.

Review, Re-establish and Reorder Your Priorities.

When I am frustrated with progress on a project, I review all the priorities on my action list. Quite often, there are projects and tasks on there that either I should not be doing at all or I could delegate. The first step in achieve your most important goal is to get clear about what we absolutely have to do and then let the rest go.

Make an Appointment with Yourself.

We need to schedule time on our calendars for important projects if we want to get them done. I find that when I schedule the appointment with myself I am more likely to keep the appointment. If the project is on my action list then I may or may not get it done because it has yet to surface on my calendar.

Check Your Progress.

When we check our progress and see that we are making strides, we become more motivated to achieve even more progress to complete the project. Continue the discipline of scheduling calendar time and keep the appointment to continue the progress.

Celebrate Project Completion.

Before you start the project, set a reward for yourself for accomplishing it. This will serve to keep you motivated during the project. You may even want to keep a visual of your reward handy for regular review. When a project is finished, take the time to celebrate it in some way that is meaningful to you. Take the opportunity to reflect on what went well on the project and what could have been better. By taking time to debrief we will become smarter about how to accomplish our most important project in the future.

Managing our calendar and our task action lists to achieve our most important project can be a big challenge. However, if we are smart about what we spend our time on and schedule time on our calendars to work on our most important project we can get it done. What process or methods do you use to accomplish your most important project?