Create the Energy Needed to Always Have a Productive Day


Do you want to have the energy it takes to have a productive day, every day? Do you ever feel fatigued throughout the day?

I know that I want to be at my peak every day and have learned from many people how I can have the ultimate energy each time I get up in the morning.

We want to be productive so we can enjoy our lives, get more work done, and spend time nurturing the relationships that matter the most. Here are a few ideas to help you generate continual energy for whatever your calendar has in store for the day.

These are habits that will help to increase energy and productivity, so work on forming them and executing them every day.


The number one priority when creating energy is nutrition. It does not matter what else we do, if we do not eat right we will not have the proper fuel to ignite the energy we need.

Good nutrition involves eating the right foods in the right balance and drinking plenty of water. One habit you could start is drinking eight, 8-ounce glasses of water every day. This keeps your body hydrated. When we are dehydrated we run out of energy.

Also, try to stay away from liquids that raise your blood sugar level and then drop you like a rock, things like caffeine or other high sugar content drinks, because they wear out the body with all the highs and lows.


This is the number two priority to focus on to improve your energy level. If you do not exercise now, consider walking every day for 30 minutes, then build up from there.

Exercise relieves stress, which wears us out emotionally and physically. Exercise also builds our stamina and that, in turn, allows us to work the hours necessary with the needed energy to be productive all day long.


This is the number three priority in helping you generate more energy. We were made to sleep and when we do not we feel it – sometimes the next day but often even a few days later.

Hard-charging achievers can think that sleep is a waste of time but on the contrary, it is vital in order to have productive day after productive day after productive day.


By rest, I mean turning off your work brain and doing something that relaxes you while awake. This could be reading a book, drawing, painting, gardening, yard work or something else.

The key is to turn off your brain from the constant striving to get work done. Vacation is another example of rest as long as we get away from the daily items of email, voice mail, or project work.


This is the last priority but still contributes to our overall health. There are times that our food intake does not provide all the daily nutrients our bodies need so consider a good supplement.

There are a large number of supplements on the market. My personal favorite is Reliv.

These are the ways to create the energy you want to have a great day, every day, all day.

Before starting any of these, I recommend that you talk with your doctor first. What other ideas do you utilize in generating the energy you desire?

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  1. Melissa Sienicki
    Melissa Sienicki says:

    I’ve also found rest to be extremely important for my energy levels. Taking time each day to write, read, or draw only improves the day that follows. Thanks, Bill!

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