Simplify Your Way to Greater Productivity

productivityIs your work life too complicated?

Do you ever feel challenged to simplify your work or personal life?

I have faced this at times and it is a never-ending battle to keep my life simple.

It can be done but it takes determination and commitment.

Every time I simplify I increase productivity at work, and in my overall life.

Here is a four step process to help you simplify your life and stay there.

1. Eliminate Everything not Needed

If we are going to simplify, the first action is to eliminate what is not needed. Keep in mind that less is more.

The less stuff we have the simpler our life becomes. Consider the one year rule: If you have not used it or referred to it in the last year then eliminate it.

2. Organize What is Left

One of the biggest keys to productivity is knowing where all your files, tools, and reference material are located. As an example, if your files are not organized it could take a long time to find what you need.

When everything is in its place, you know where it is and you put it back when finished, you will stay organized.

3. Focus on What is Important

This is easier said than done but it must be done to keep your life simple. Focus on as few goals as possible.

Think about your goals and try to focus as much time as possible on the two or three most important ones. Let the rest go. The more time you spend on fewer goals the more you will accomplish, and the higher your productivity level will be.

4. Review Regularly

Once you have eliminated, organized and focused on only two or three, goals it is important to keep it up. This can be done by regularly reviewing your work space, your desktop, your files, etc.

I suggest you conduct a Weekly Review of all of your work from last week, prepare for the coming week and check your progress on goals. This was first started by David Allen in his Getting Things Done methodology.

If you simply your life you will feel happier, more organized and more productive. What ways have you used to simplify your work life?