Get Clear on The Big Why

whyAre you clear about Your Big Why? It is your purpose and why you do what you do every day.

We can achieve amazing results beyond what we even thought possible when we understand what the Big Why is in our lives.

Without it, we wander and with it, we become like a heat seeking missile never stopping until we strike the target.

Here are four reasons why it is important for us to get clear on the Big Why:

Sets Your True North for Your Life

Like a compass, our Big Why establishes our True North, our direction and reason for being. When we know our purpose it frees us to be what we have imagined we could be if we reached our potential as a person.

Our True North gives rhythm, purpose and direction so we jump out of bed each morning with the attitude that we cannot wait to take on the day. Knowing our True North gives meaning to our lives and others are energized by it.

Reprioritizes Your Life’s Activities

When we know our purpose, we can easily decide priorities. We know what we want to do and we know what we do not want to do. Whether it is business or personal, our purpose clarifies what is most important and the priorities get clearer.

Clarity causes us to re-evaluate our priorities and align those activities with our Big Why.

Simplifies Your Life

When we know the Big Why we can get rid of all the minutiae and activities that weigh us down every day. We feel weighed down by them mostly because we know consciously or subconsciously they are not contributing to our life purpose.

The simplicity is worth its weight in gold. We are clear and we are focused with the passion needed to serve people and reach our potential when we know our Big Why.

Helps You Overcome Adversity

If you have ever been challenged by adversity you know how difficult it is to fight through it to the other side. When we understand our Big Why we are able to overcome adversity because we are looking at the goal and not the obstacles.

When we focus on the obstacles we can become depressed but when we focus on the goals we see adversity as just a stepping-stone to our real purpose.

Knowing our Big Why provides meaning and purpose to our lives. I encourage you to write it down, as I know I have become clearer about it when I have written it down on paper. What is your Big Why and would you share it so others will be motivated by it?